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May 16, 2023

Fisker Ocean Exceeds Peak Top Speed on Autobahn

Today, the Fisker Ocean exceeded its peak top speed on the Autobahn, and we had

Today, the Fisker Ocean exceeded its peak top speed on the Autobahn, and we had the opportunity to witness it. Henrik Fisker shared a short video clip earlier today, showcasing the performance of the Fisker Ocean One/Extreme trim. The video begins by showing the electric SUV traveling at speeds of 135 KMH. In less than 20 seconds, the Fisker Ocean not only reached its peak top speed but surpassed it, reaching speeds of 208 KMH (129.245 MPH).

If you remember, earlier this month, Fisker released official specifications for their flagship electric vehicle, which included details about its exterior, interior, cargo, weight, and performance. The peak top speed was listed as 205 km/h (127 MPH). Now, we have video evidence confirming that the Fisker Ocean Extreme not only achieves its peak top speed, but can slightly exceed it with ease.

Henrik must have recorded this video in Germany the other week when he took delivery of the second Ocean One at the Fisker Lounge in Munich. He is currently on a business road trip in Arizona. Nevertheless, Henrik Fisker captioned the video clip by stating, "All out on the Autobahn!! (Km/h) 129 MPH. Super stable and effortless!" The Fisker Ocean indeed appears to maintain remarkable stability while effortlessly exceeding its peak top speeds.

Previously, we had only witnessed the Fisker Ocean surpassing 100 MPH once before. This occurred in April 2022 on the Magna Steyr test track in Graz, Austria. Henrik demonstrated the performance of the Fisker Ocean as he drove one of the camouflaged Fisker Ocean Extremes around the high-speed test track, with the vehicle swiftly passing by the camera. Without a doubt, the new video surpasses the old one. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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