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Aug 30, 2023

127 kilo woman HALVED her weight

A Sydney woman who halved her weight naturally has shared the diet and exercise

A Sydney woman who halved her weight naturally has shared the diet and exercise secrets which helped her achieve her stunning new look.

Carli Jay slimmed from 127 kilos to 63.5 kilos in two years, after reducing her portion sizes bit by bit.

‘I loved a mix of healthy and unhealthy foods when big, but I was eating 4000 calories a day,’ Carli tells New Idea.

Carli Jay (pictured before and after) halved her weight naturally

‘I used to snack a lot, have seconds, and dessert everyday.’

So after making a decision to tackle her weight head on, the 31-year-old dropped 300 calories a week and started exercising for just 20 minutes every second day.

‘I swapped out a lot of white starches and carbs with better versions, and did the same with processed foods and unnatural sugars,’ she says, explaining that she cut back on sugary drinks, frappuccinos and alcohol too.

Carli, who now enjoys weights, cycling, hill walking, swimming, yoga and dancing, tells New Idea that adopting a 90 per cent vegan diet over the last three years also helped transform her body.

‘I still have beef or salmon on the odd occasion - maybe once a month - and sometimes eggs, but the rest is all natural, unprocessed, plant based foods,’ she says.

Here, Carli shares her top weightloss tips with New Idea.

‘This method equals failure,' Carli says. ‘Think about changing your lifestyle and bad habits for a better body and overall health for years to come.’

‘Not for anyone else, not for a boyfriend or girlfriend, not because of social media, or comparing yourself to other peoples shape and size,’ Carli advises.

‘Do it because YOU want to do it, to become the best fittest version of you that you can possibly become. And that will be different for everyone.

‘Be realistic about this – it's a journey not a race,’ Carli says. ‘Set yourself small goals monthly to achieve in order to get to a bigger over goal.

‘Don't rush it and try to change your entire life over night trying to run marathons and under eating - you'll just end up hating the journey and give up.

‘Even adding 15-30 minutes of exercise per day and eating better is a start from where you were,’ Carli says. ‘Over time your fitness levels and cardiovascular strength will start to improve and you can increase your activity and healthier eating.’

You can read more tips from Carli on her Instagram page.

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