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Apr 09, 2023

Greenwich Lounge JFK Review

by Gary Leff on January 7, 2023 The Greenwich Lounge JFK has taken

by Gary Leff on January 7, 2023

The Greenwich Lounge JFK has taken the old Flagship Lounge space, American's business class lounge, and rebranded it. In fact very little has been done to that lounge. They’ve merely repurposed it, existing furniture and all.

There are (3) new joint American Airlines-British Airways lounges in New York JFK's terminal 8, apart from the American Airlines Admirals Club.

While in theory the old main terminal Admirals Club that was given over to Flagship will be part of the Greenwich lounge, that part wasn't yet open when I visited. And the old Flagship First Dining, which was inside of the Flagship lounge, will eventually become part of the Greenwich lounge JFK. However when I was there it was being used as an employee area.

Anyone that has access to the Chelsea and Soho lounges has access to Greenwich, which is located up an elevator on the left hand side of the terminal immediately past security. In addition, here's the internal access cheat sheet:

Mid-tier elites from oneworld frequent flyer programs (e.g. a British Airways Silver member) can use this lounge even when flying American Airlines domestically, such as New York JFK to Washington National, Baltimore or Austin. However an American Airlines or Alaska Airlines mid-tier elite needs to be flying on a qualifying Flagship itinerary to use this lounge.

When you come up the elevator you’re greeted by a check-in desk to show your credentials for entering the lounge.

To the right is the old Admirals Club space that will be incorporated into this lounge.

To the left is a hallway that takes you into the main portion of the lounge.

In general I’ve always been a fan of this lounge. It's large and attractive, though I was built out during American's ‘institutional phase’ of lounge design. It's too bright, and the lighting it a bit too hospital-like. Still, it is attractive and it has fantastic views.

If you have access to this lounge, and not to Soho, you really aren't missing much. Outside of menu-based ordering in Soho which can be glitchy, and offers minimal items, the buffet is actually identical in the two lounges. And Greenwich has a self-serve bar, while Soho has a tended bar.

There are refrigerators with beer and non-alcoholic beverages (including bottled water to take away) in addition to liquor.

While I was there, both the soda machine and coffee machine were out of order, which seemed rather appalling for a lounge that had ostensibly just opened a couple of weeks prior.

The old Flagship First Dining area – a sit down dining room with its own bar and fantastic views – is to eventually provide more space to this lounge. It's necessary, because at peak evening transatlantic departure times this lounge gets crowded. For now, though, it's still in exactly the same configuration as before and it was being used for employees, not passengers.

There are a variety of seating areas in the lounge, both by the window and elsewhere.

On top of the bar area, there's a separate champagne and wine station in the heart of the lounge.

Bathrooms were clean and well-stocked while I was there. Based on past visits, the showers are excellent.

There are quiet areas, work carrels, and a media room. In all, a well-functioning business class lounge and the buffet should have something for most passengers. It's a nice place to wait for a flight.